Becoming A Volunteer

The steps to becoming a volunteer are as follows,

1. Attend SIX Tuesday night meetings.

2. The night of your sixth meeting you will receive a application for the Rescue Squad.

3. You will need to obtain a copy of your criminal record, and driving record.

4. The application, criminal history, and driving record will need to be turned in the night of your seventh meeting.

5. A Rescue Squad representative will contact the references you put on your application and your back ground check and driving record will be reviewed.

6. The night of your eighth meeting you will be voted on by the membership.

7. If the majority of the vote is YES you will be brought in on six months probation.

8. The CHIEF will get paper work completed and then you will be contacted by the supply officer to obtain your equipment.

9. The training packet consist of all the trucks and the location of the equipment on the trucks and also some basic knowledge of streets this packet must be completed in the six months probation period.

10. After training packet is completed and your six months probation has past you will be promoted to full membership

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